Indian Investing Conclave

Our Flagship Annual Event

The Alpha Series

A Knowledge Initiative by IIC (Webinar Series)

About The Initiative

Indian Investing Conclave (IIC), our flagship annual event, is India’s first fully online investor conference implying the instructors (speakers), participants (you) as well as organizers (us) login from our respective locations while the event has no physical venue.

The initiative was launched in 2017 with the support of 16 instructors which included some of India’s finest fund managers and value investors. The format of the conclave involves each instructor to take participants through his top investment idea and explain his investment analysis process and philosophy through this live illustration.

See  Viraj Mehta’s  presentation from IIC 2019 on  Alkyl Amines ,  Samit Vartak’s  presentation from IIC 2017 on  Balkrishna Tyres  and  Ian Cassel’s  presentation from IIC 2018  Case study on Intelligent Fanatics 

Alpha Series: We have also started another knowledge initiative- Alpha Series; 60-90 minutes webinar where we bring best of the practitioners to explain complex concepts in a simplified manner, share their investing journey and help individuals become better investors.

The fundamental idea behind this initiative is to leverage technology and let wisdom flow to common man who otherwise do not have privilege/time/resources to attend mainstream physical investing conferences.

We channelize a part of proceeds towards these NGOs – The Art of Living and Perfect Foundation.