Rajeev agrawal

    Value of Discipline & Creativity in Investing With Rajeev Agrawal

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    • Investment Process
    • Pattern Recognition
    • Discipline Vs Creativity in Investing
    • Growth Vs Value Investing
    • Position Sizing
    • Case Studies
    • Quantitative Vs Qualitative Investing
    • How I identified a 10-bagger

  • About Rajeev Agrawal:

    Rajeev is the Founder and Managing Partner at DoorDarshi Value Advisors which applies Value Investing to the Indian equity market. DoorDarshi focuses on companies that can compound wealth over the long term by partnering with like minded managers in high quality businesses having reasonable valuations.

    Prior to starting DoorDarshi, Rajeev was the Managing Director at IHS Markit, Nasdaq listed company. In his previous roles, he has been a Technology executive at some of the leading financial firms like Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and JP Morgan. Rajeev did his B.Tech from IIT Bombay and MBA from IIM Calcutta.
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    Gaurav sud

    Decoding Special Situations With Gaurav Sud

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    • What is a Special Situation?
    • Types of Special Situations?
    • Why invest in Special Situations?
    • Case Studies
    • Potential Option Value
    • Resources on Special Situations
    • Downside of the strategy
    • Potential Ideas
    • My Experience

  • About Gaurav Sud:

    Gaurav is a BTech from IIT Delhi and MBA in Finance from IIM Calcutta. He has over 18 years of experience in M&A, corporate strategy, financial restructuring & capital markets and has previously worked with KPMG, Wipro, Keane & WNS.
    He founded the corporate advisory firm - Kanav Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd and currently is its Managing Partner. He has a deep interest in investing and manages his personal and family's money. Over the last decade he has successfully followed strategies that have given above average risk adjusted returns. Special Situation investing is a keen area of interest for him.
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