Indian Investing Conclave is India's first fully online platform to learn from the best minds in Indian Investment Fraternity.

The platform allows participants to delve into the minds of experienced investors and learn how they analyze businesses, judge management quality and assess valuations.

Instructors include Chief Investment Officers, Fund Managers, Full-time Investors, Research Analysts and Head of Research.

Some of the instructors who took sessions in our flagship IIC 2017:
- Samit Vartak, CIO, Sageone Investments
- Viraj Mehta, Fund Manager, Equirus PMS
- Ayush Mittal, Founder, Screener.in
- Ashish Kila, CIO, Perfect Research
- Raunak Onkar, Head of Research, PPFAS AMC
- Abhinav Manishgka, Full-time Investor
- Naresh Katariya, Full-time Value Investor
- Rohit Chauhan, Founder, RC Capital
- Chetan Phalke, Founder, Alpha Invesco
- Aveek Mitra, Founder, Aveksat Advisory
- Pankaj Gupta, Full-time Value Investor
- Safir Anand, Value Investor
- SG Rajasekheran, Author, How to get rich and retire early
- Dhruvesh Sanghvi, Founder, Prospero Tree
- Shyam Sekhar, Founder, i-thought Wealth
- Varadha Rajan, Full-time Value Investor

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IIC is an initiative of H K Fintech, a firm that strongly believes in leveraging technology for spreading knowledge to masses at an affordable price point. We expect IIC to eventually emerge as the key platform for seasoned investors to guide budding investors by sharing their thought process and investment philosophies. We have also earmarked a portion of the net proceeds for certain NGOs we support.

For any queries, drop us an email at hello@indianinvestingconclave.com